Gray Matters

Gray Matters

How do you make people care about mental health? Especially when most of what they know is based on movies and TV shows that only show the most rare and extreme cases of mental illness?

The Ask

Make people compassionate about mental health

Issues Identified

Stigma against mental health
Confusion between “mental health” and “mental illness”
Lack of skills for people to self-assess their mental health
Separation of physical health from mental health

Problem Selected

People do not consider their mental health like they do their physical health


“You can’t be truly healthy without mental health”
Make people think about and actively consider their mental health


American teens, 13-17
Going through puberty, and therefore lots of mental and physical changes
Heavy use of social media and technology, like smart phones
Almost all play some type of video game

Why Teens: Build a strong foundation for the future, since around 20 is when most mental health issues and illnesses do start becoming apparent. We want to help them get the tools they need to self-assess themselves before they need them. (Similar to preventative healthcare model, instead of a treatment healthcare model.)

Our Goal

- Self assessment from self diagnosis
- Mental health from mental illness
- Mental health and physical health
- Department of Health with our initiative

Partner with Dept. of Health: We want to make a clear statement that true health is a balance of good physical and mental health, so we went to the leader in what constitutes physical health.


Brand Manifesto/Voice

We don’t pay much attention to our minds.
Somehow, we seem to give more importance to our teeth.
And our skin, and our abs and biceps.
It’s because we see mental health as intangible.
It can’t possibly be exercised and maintained if it’s not a part of the body. If the mind seems out of our reach, here is something that isn’t.

Our brain.

The brain controls every part of the body.
When the brain wavers, the whole body goes down with it.
And if we aren’t looking after the state of our brain, then we aren’t looking after our overall health.

Stress. Lack of sleep. Trauma.

Brain health gets the short end of the stick when these things affect us.
But if we look after how we feel in our head, we can do so much more to change how the rest of us feels. If we aren’t looking after what’s in our heads, we’re doing a disservice to our entire well-being.

Gray Matters.