Cheerios: Moment of Silence for Moms

Millennial moms put their kids first and themselves second, making it hard for them to be the best mom they can be.

SOLUTION: Give moms what they need, so they can take care of their kids.

OBJECTIVE: Call Your Mom

The brief was one sentence: "Get Millennial moms to love Cheerios for their kids the way they loved it as kids." But we wanted to make something with more meaning. We wanted to make a campaign that made anyone who interacted with it think of their mom and remember how much she cared for them. How could we get moms and their families to feel that Cheerios truly understood them? 

SITUATION: The New World

Moms can't love Cheerios how they did when they were kids, because the world isn't the same as it was when they were kids. And not only have things like music, fashion, and fax machines changed, so has how you raise a child. Back in the day, the way to be a good mom was to always be "on". You were expected to make the best cookies for the school bake sale, be the president of the PTA, drive your kids to soccer practice, and never ever take a break. But nowadays moms don't have to be perfect at everything, but they still have to always be available through their cell phone if needed, while also taking breaks for "me time".

OPPORTUNITY: Noise Is Everywhere

Moms, Millennial or not, have distractions at every turn. Whether it's emails from work, television commercials, kids running through the house, or mommy blogs telling them how to raise their kids "the right way"; moms have a lot of noise in their daily life and have to go to great lengths to have just a few minutes of silence to refresh and recharge. Many parents we spoke to talked about having to "hide in the bathroom for a minute of peace" before attempting to parent through all the distractions again.

STRATEGY: The Most Disruptive Thing We Can Give Mom Is Silence

Cheerios takes about five minutes to eat, and that's five minutes mom can have to refresh. She doesn't need more screens yelling at her and telling her how to be a good mother, she just needs a few moments to be able to be one. With this campaign we wanted to really focus on giving moms what they need instead of asking moms to give more up themselves.

CREATIVE: Moment of Silence for Moms

Cheerios has always been mom's champion in getting her those few minutes of peace and quiet that she needs to do her job, so now we just had to make that more apparent.

To start with, we really wanted to emphasize that the reason Cheerios can give moms all of these moments of silence is because of how hard to talk it is while eating a bowl of Cheerios. Therefore we added sand timers to our box packaging and hid privacy door hangers inside the boxes to make this connection more apparent. But we wanted to give moms even more places for peace and quiet.

Therefore we developed TV and YouTube preroll ads that focused on silence as a way to show moms they get bombarded enough, and that Cheerios isn't here to add to that list. As well as creating a Silent Game app, a social media 'Pledge to 5-Minutes of Silence', and partnering with Amtrak to sponsor all silent cars.

Methodology: Focus group with Millennial moms, Interviews with moms of all ages, Competitive Research, Survey, Store Checks, Cereal eating interviews

Teammates: Kyle Calkins, Scott Dobbin, Perry Lowder, Boris Opacic, & Brandy Thompson