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Blog Content: Qualtrax

I'm the website admin and main content creator for Qualtrax. Therefore, most of the blogs are written by me, ranging in topic from community and culture pieces, customer testimonials, software updates, and general knowledge pieces. I've included excerpts from three of my favorite pieces below, with links to the full articles.

Since I joined the team, we've increased blog output from three to 12+ a quarter, keeping our customers and fans engaged and up-to-date.

Customer Testimonial // ANAB & Qualtrax: Two Peas in a Pod

"Peanut butter and jelly. Toast and jam. Salt and pepper. There are some combinations that just work really well together. We’d like to add ANAB and Qualtrax to that list! We find that partnering with excellent customers, like ANAB, creates a “better together” synergy.

Starting in 2014, Qualtrax was chosen as the quality management solution provider for ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB) and their ISO/IEC 17011 compliance needs. Since then, our two teams have continued to partner together several times, from presenting webinars as a team to ANAB attending our User Conferences each year."


Community & Culture // 2017 - A Year in Review

"Before we get into the overall annual highlights of this year, I wanted to take a moment and introduce a friend who has traveled around with employees and customers alike and showcase some of his journeys this past year.

This year our goal was to ‘Conquer The Summit’ with a fun theme of climbing Mount Everest.

You might have seen our friend, Flat Yeti, throughout the year. He was a part of our ‘Conquer the Summit’ theme and helped motivate us throughout the year. Not to mention travel with us around the world!"


Spreading Knowledge // Quality Assurance vs. Quality Control and Where Qualtrax Fits In

"What’s the Difference Between Quality Assurance and Quality Control?

Short Answer: Quality assurance and quality control are often used back-and-forth in conversation as if they are the same thing. Many times they are used interchangeably to describe actions that one takes to ensure a product or service is of quality. More specifically though, quality assurance (QA) is based around providing confidence to employees and customers that quality needs and requirements will be met. Meanwhile, quality control (QC) focuses on fulfilling those quality requirements."